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iron mania redesigns

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4/22/08 | 02:22 am



another crack at the ol' project rooftop enterprise, this time with iron man. it was a real challenge to try and come up with something that hasn't already been done with him design-wise (either in the iron man comics or the film or else one of the numerous genre takes on the "metal man" conceit) and yet stay true to the basic iconography and structural logic of the character: red & gold coloration; chestplate beam, palm repulsors, boot thrusters.

go too far one way (steampunk) and it becomes a rocketeer knockoff; go too far another way (mecha anime) and it becomes evangelion or a gundam clone (or a warhammer space marine, even), more robotic or alien than human...translate those same elements into a softer, cuter, cartoony form and you get megaman or gigantor or buzz lightyear. over-simplify the color and you've got c-3po or the metropolis robot that helped inspire him. over-simplify the tech aspect and you've just got a suit of medieval armor, a swat team suit, or...the tin man from oz.

so it's a big balancing act...and...well, i tried. i got a kick out of writer matt fraction's take on my design:

I really dig the weight here– it feels like it weighs ten tons. And the design is sort of forwardy, sort of old school Heavy Metal, sort of Gary Oldman in Dracula, all of which I dig.

i bulked up the arms and legs a bit because it's always seemed to me that the repulsors would require a little bit of girth in the way of insulation and/or reserve power structures. i guess we could always venture into nuclear/nanobot territory to slim things down, though. i think it's cool adi granov got the "futuristic samurai"/robot ninja feel (hence the facemask) i was going for, even if he didn't really go for the design overall. i feel honored simply to have had the crit.

some more designs, for variety's sake:

dark elegance (for the occasional "formal" event)

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