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twoday is stately groundog day,
the mosh plumptwous day other ear!
but ah tis allso the bothday of james joyce's berth!
hoppy bathday jimes jayce! INTROIBO AD ALTARE DEI.
--Buck up, Kinch! Come UuUuP:
the shadowy salady tour!!!
lettuce play:

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Marilyn Monroe Reading Ulysses

Eve Arnold, 'Marilyn Monroe Reading Ulysses', Long Island, 1954.

Marilyn reading James Joyce’s Ulysses. She doesn’t have to pose, we don’t even need to see her face, what comes off the photo is absolute concentration, and nothing is sexier than absolute concentration. There she is, the goddess, not needing to please her audience or her man, just living inside the book. The vulnerability is there, but also something we don’t often see in the blonde bombshell; a sense of belonging to herself. It’s not some playboy combination of brains and boobs that is so perfect about this picture; it is that reading is always a private act, is intimate, is lover’s talk, is a place of whispers and sighs, unregulated and usually unobserved. We are the voyeurs, it’s true, but what we’re spying on is not a moment of body, but a moment of mind. For once, we’re not being asked to look at Marilyn, we’re being given a chance to look inside her. {source}

(this might take a sec to load...)


(This hypertextural* Text-Image was constructed** using the final portion of Molly Bloom's soliloquy...precisely the section of Ulysses Marilyn appears to have been reading...)

Bullock-Befriending Bard
Bardic-Befriending Baker

She's posed, as you know, on a playground roundabout conspicuously reading the book, reading the final chapter of the book, perhaps reading the Penelope episode where Molly Bloom talks about her experiences of the day, reminisces about her life. [Richard Brown] wrote to Eve wondering really how posed this photograph was, whether Marilyn herself was a serious reader of Ulysses, whether she had time to read Ulysses, what kind of reading of Ulysses she made. Eve responded very interestingly that it wasn't by any means just a prop that was put there for the photograph. It was a copy of a book that Marilyn had borrowed from a friend and was in the process of reading. But she didn't read it sequentially, beginning at the beginning and going through to the end. She read it in episodes. She dipped into places from time to time where fancy took her to different moments in the book. It occurred to me, thinking about that, that is the way we should all read Ulysses...

You can pick it up and put it down, of course, as Joyce himself picked it up and put it down as he was writing the book over a period of fifteen to sixteen years.


Monroe Reading Ulysses
...Perhaps a way to LOOK at Ulysses as well? As above, so below: 'tis all a matter of concentration...
(and yes i say yes we can!)

*Please tell me what is the real meaning of that world?
**I actually tried my hand at making this sort of image a little while back, only...without the benefit of the handy-dandy web app! EEEEEP :P
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