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3/18/09 | 03:33 pm



If you missed the hidden links above, see MYSPACE DARK HORSE PRESENTS & WONDERMARK for more ILLUSTRATED JOCULARITY!

I would also like to take this opportunity to direct you also to the up-coming CLEVER TRICKS TO STAVE OFF DEATH, an attractively-fashioned new comics volume (presumably bearing a bevy of life-affirming factoids and perhaps the occasional fart joke) by the aforementioned Mr. Malki ! If his other productions are any indication, I feel this shall be a splendid read, indeed.

(NOTE: This new collection is rumoured to include a few more of mumbley's execrable colour-daubings, pasted over what are otherwise impeccably-crafted comic strips. I don't know quite how he does it. Should you need a similar effect for your sequential art, though, feel free to contact "mumblemonkey" via gmail; his rates are quite reasonable and he can ape a number of styles.)

Be well.


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