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IMAGE: Priest writes the kanji for "life" (命, inochi);                    IMAGE: Prisoner at the Abu Ghraib detention center.

I was using Google Image Search to brainstorm a project several months ago (looking for calligraphy, I think) when these two images appeared, separately, on the same "results" page. I couldn't help but be struck by the echoes between them, even as thumbnails, and the added synergy that came with the realization of the kanji's meaning. One of my favorite books is Lawrence Weschler's Everything That Rises: A Book of Convergences, which addresses a number of similar image-parallelisms using what, in my opinion, amounts to a sort of scholarly paranoiac-critical method. (I forwarded a copy of the above to McSweeney's, just in case Mr. Weschler is still collecting this sort of thing.)

My own analysis of the juxtaposition would probably break down into a series of somewhat banal "LIFE is..." quotes (beautiful...suffering...a box of chocolates...what our thoughts make it...what happens to you when you're busy making other plans, etc.)- maybe playing up the often painful disparities between theory & practice, the ideal and the real -but since Google threw up the pairing in the first place, I'm thinking its deconstruction might prove to be equally sufficient, illuminating...or...bewildering?

Googlism for: LIFE
life is abuse
life is short
life is good
life is good online
life is precious
life is great
life is a drama
life is for living
life is a beach
life is precious ministries
life is beer
life is journey ?
life is an adventure
life is a series of plan bs
life is on tour
life is a long song
life is one of the "great places to work in the twin
life is winky
life is painful records
life is peachy
life is but a dream
life is like
life is a ball dog boarding
life is life
life is sweeter for some
life is a soft adventure
life is strange
life is universal
life is beautiful movie fan club
life is utterly miserable because of you personally
life is very disquieting
life is sweet
life is confusing for two
life is elsewhere
life is lumpy
life is it anyway?
life is unfair
life is still a cabaret
life is a show time
life is unfair an unofficial 'malcolm in the middle' fan resource site
life is so strange
life is good ® and are registered trademarks of life is good
life is for everything foundation is no longer active
life is free
life is sweet don't cry
life is journey ? all right reserved
life is a sensible diet and exercise program by kris
life is art e
life is a dream a synopsis of the play by calderon
life is one of the "great places to work in the twin cities" st
life is winky september 09
life is a mess
life is an education
life is peachy hola
life is worse
life is fine langston hughes
life is the inspiration behind our style"
life is beautiful hoax
life is a ball offers cageless dog boarding convenient to the atlanta
life is love webring
life is a dream
life is a strategy for getting nice surprises
life is roswell watch it
life is also the first rule of business
life is the conviction that we are loved
life is simply this
life is slipping away
life is beautiful
life is universal for this publisher
life is beautiful starring
life is utterly miserable because of you personally issues of injustice are passe
life is like high school
life is for living"
life is not
life is plastic
life is god
life is elsewhere is a remarkable portrait of an artist as a young man
life is so complex
life is it anyway? medium
life is unfair de cara nova
life is still a cabaret the film is based in berlin in the 1930s
life is a show time? since 2000

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