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6/5/09 | 02:22 pm

1st place illo for Wizards of the Coast's recent Agents of Artifice novel promotion.


quick photoshop draft

I had a number of interesting scenes from which to choose for this, but in the end it seemed like the standard "hero shot" probably made for the biggest impact. I was halfway through the rendering when I realized the character actually had somewhat of an official costume design in various Magic: The Gathering products, and adjusted accordingly. I hereby apologize to any gaming nerds whose sacrosanct mental constructs of "Jace Beleren" might have been tarnished by my drawing. I tried. Give me a saving throw this time around, okay?

Slipped into a bit of decalcomania on the environment, which was fun. The scene as described in the book takes place in the heart of what is sort of a living machine, an immense tangle of hissing pipes and gaskets.


I was still playing around with the colors when I sent it in. I sorta prefer the dingy one up above to the one that they ended up using.


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